It’s a wonder …

After yesterday’s sad wee story about Jean and Alec, today sees an ageing super hero doing what she does best. Even if she is a bit slower than she used to be.

It’s a wonder …

My star-spangled shorts have seen better days

and my buttocks have started to droop.

It’s just not the same as it used to be.

My Super has run out of Supe.


I was known as Wonder Woman, way back in the day.

I was speedy and agile and true.

I saved whole towns from destruction

with my boomerang, crown, and lasso.


Now, it takes all my time to get out of bed

but my powers are still in demand;

with the older generation.

They call me Wonder Gran.


The mobility scooter is a Godsend,

though it’s not quite as quick as I’d like.

But a hand-brake turn and I’m soon burling round

should a dastardly pensioner strike.


My high heeled boots are a thing of the past,

and my corset is more like a vest,

but, I’m still fighting crime at seventy-nine.

So long as I get plenty rest.


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