Blue spotty cow in a pink field

Happy Saturday!

Today’s blog comes courtesy of Alan Macfarlane, a poet and occasional story-teller from Stirling. Alan says his poem is about somebody in hospital just waking from surgery and seeing a picture that their daughter has drawn for them. I love it. If you do too, please take a moment to click on the Justgiving link at the top and make a wee donation to a wonderful charity.

Blue spotty cow in a pink field

Suddenly I am taken outside where today the sky
is purple and an enormous orange sun sits
above two green clouds. There is a blue spotty cow
with a bell round its neck standing in a pink field.

The cow is looking at me and smiling.

To the left is an enormous flower, twice as big as the cow.
It has a yellow stalk, one yellow leaf and four red and white petals.
To the right is a little girl with crazy all-over-the-place hair,
rosy cheeks and the biggest of bright blue eyes.
She has a small brown dog with her.

They are both looking at me and smiling.

Above them is a big arrow pointing down
with the words ‘Max and Molly happy faces’
in wobbly letters next to it. The little girl
is patting the dog with one hand and pointing
to the red heart and kisses on her T-shirt with the other.

I smile.

Then I hear a bell ringing and I look up.
I see a woman dressed in a blueish-green uniform.
She is pushing a grey trolley towards my bed.

She is also looking at me, but she’s not smiling.


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