mind’s eye

I’ll admit to having ‘almost’ shed a tear when I received this gorgeously reflective poem from Gill Standley, from the Isle of Wight. I have nothing more to add … except to direct any visitors to my Justgiving link at the top of the page.

mind’s eye

my mind’s eye paints a landscape of my life
from early buds to ancient creaking trees
a vast and varied living dying place
which nobody except my mind’s eye sees

a row of terraces rough clad with stone
red robin sings a welcome from a tree
the church bells ring and as the cord is cut
an unseen bond is formed ‘tween her and me

the echoes of the laughter of a child
come ringing from a meadow dressed in gold
a carefree time when every summer smiled
and love was felt in every hand I’d hold

then stepping stones form reckless shifting paths
across a labyrinth of consequence
a storm is howling hard and reason flies
an image full of things which don’t make sense

beyond the path lies joy personified
my children paint life’s meaning on my soul
and every precious moment is combined
to build an image beautiful and whole

but thunder rumbles in the gathering clouds
and colours change as sunlight dims to grey
a shadow moves across the light of life
as loved ones are borne silently away

a time for sorting pebbles into piles
to colour code the chaos in my mind
to huddle close together all alone
and search for peace amid a sorrows bind

the unexpected glimpse of happy times
like light escaping under a closed door
keeps shining in a corner of the eye
and beckons me towards a waiting shore

though everywhere I look are hills of sand
and many footsteps fall against the grain
the canvas must continue to evolve
if healing is to ever follow pain

and one day when the brightest veil of light
illuminates the path I’ll walk alone
my head will turn for one fond final look
at that which my mind’s eye has made my own


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