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It's Mother's Day here in sunny Scotland. And yes, it has been sunny today. This is the first Mother's Day since I became a mum, that none of my children have been living at home. They've all grown up and flown the nest - just as the sisters did in today's poem from Hampshire poet,... Continue Reading →


I come from a word

It's time to put the kettle on and settle down for a wee read. Julie Gilmore is a fellow student on Glasgow Univerty's MLitt programme, who normally focuses on writing for young adults. She says that she's not a poet, but I disagree. I think there's an inner poet in all of us. I come... Continue Reading →

Retail therapy

Today's story features crochet hooks and dodgy zips.  What more could you want on a busking blog on a Friday evening? Please don't forget to visit my Just giving page - via the link at the top of the page. Retail Therapy - by Fiona Dorchester ‘Have you got googly eyes?’ she asks. I bite... Continue Reading →

Day 1

Since yesterday was all about where I come from, today is about where Alan MacFarlane comes from. Or at the very least ... how he got here. Day 1 - by Alan MacFarlane I am a book-end birth, mid-May, late afternoon, upstairs and at home, while downstairs, Dad punishes the mower, sooting border blossoms with... Continue Reading →

I come from …

Some days, more than others, I'm reminded just how fragile memories can be. We spend so much time thinking about the future, and planning for the future. We spend so much time being busy in the present. But sometimes, it's nice to take time out to remember where we come from. I come from -... Continue Reading →


I hope everybody has survived the excitement of three rugby games in one day. Time now to settle down for a read, courtesy of Kirsty Dunlop, a part-time MLitt student in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow who primarily writes in poetic prose. This piece first featured in 'Departures Zine' in June 2016. Beginning... Continue Reading →

Sissy’s tale

A year or so ago, I was commissioned by 'Creative Communities' in Kilmacolm to take part in a collaborative project called Hearing the past. I was offered a selection of photos from around the turn of the last century and asked to give voice to character from that era. Once I'd done my bit, my... Continue Reading →

Direction of travel

In the last few days we've visited Cromarty, Orkney, and Islay. Many miles have been covered, so it seems fitting now, to share Karen Thirkell's poem about traveling. Karen says it is 'a reflective poem about traveling on the train to work, or is it....?' Hmm ... I wonder. Direction of travel - by Karen... Continue Reading →

Death of a Plashack

After a day off to catch up with Uni work, This is it is delighted to be sharing this wonderful poem from Sharon MacGregor. Death of a Plashack first appeared in 'Still me' - an anthology of poetry and prose created by a group of Open University students and published by Pewter Rose. Death of a Plashack... Continue Reading →

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