1 Church Close

It’s Mother’s Day here in sunny Scotland. And yes, it has been sunny today. This is the first Mother’s Day since I became a mum, that none of my children have been living at home. They’ve all grown up and flown the nest – just as the sisters did in today’s poem from Hampshire poet, Sandra Gordon. Enjoy x

1 Church Close – by Sandra Lyn Gordon

In the two up
two down

ar Mum
ar Esme
ar Phyllis
ar Beryl
ar Brenda
ar Marg
ar Bridget,
and me

rolled back the rug
on Saturday nights
put on records
swirled petticoats
showed off ar moves
learnt that week
in ‘airspray
pink lipstick
and stilettoed feet

lit up ar cigs
and twisted
ar waists away.

But one by one,
we all moved on.

Ar Phyllis in Burnside
ar Mum in Cardiff
ar Beryl in Bletchley
ar Brenda in Windsor
ar Marg in Mersey
ar Bridge, Weston
and me, the States.

Only Esme stayed
in that place where we jived
to the records on Saturday night.



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